017: The Power of Sleep and Tips for Improving It

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When it comes to optimizing your health, sleep is a really big deal.

You can eat a clean diet and move your body daily, but if you are neglecting your recovery and dream time, your body will struggle to absorb and deliver the nutrition you are feeding it and your muscles will be unable to repair and rebuild. Your immune system will be compromised and your cognitive function will go out the window. And this is just a short list of negative consequences you will experience!

Do you feel like you are doing everything you can to lead a happier, healthier and more fit life, but still don’t feel stellar? Sleep much?

Show Notes:

2:25: The magic of health happens when we sleep.

4:40: A special note to mothers about sleep.

6:45: How lack of sleep affects relationships.

9:10: Getting more sleep is NOT selfish.

12:30: Hormonal and other health challenges from sleep deprivation.

14:20: How much sleep?

16:00: Strategies for better sleep.

21:30: Prepping our environment for sleep.

23:45: The real reason we aren’t sleeping more.

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