019: Common Injuries Among Women and How to Avoid Them

By May 14, 2016Podcast

In this episode, Kat Ingalls DPT (doctor of physical therapy) helps us to better understand some of the most common injuries women experience when working to up-level their health.

We discuss the dangers of pushing your body too hard too fast and why a foundation of basic strength, combined with smart exercise progression, is so important. Kat also dishes out tips and tricks for quicker recovery when an injury does occur.

Grace & Grit Podcast: Injuries

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2:53: Meet Kat Ingalls.

4:20: How the physical therapy industry is changing.

5:30: Top 3 physical challenges among women.

8:40: Understanding the “core”.

10:00: Simple ways to start engaging the “core”.

12:15: Relieving neck tension.

16:20: Understanding the functionality of the hips.

19:50: Understanding sciatic pain.

23:00: Smart exercise programming.

29:00: The role of lifestyle choices in the healing process.

32:30: Kat’s take on barefoot training.

34:00: Kat’s top 3 suggestions for avoiding injury.

You can find out more about Doctor Kat Ingalls at her website: www.mindfulmotionpt.com

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