023: Return to Food with Sherry Strong

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Sherry Strong, food philosopher and nutritional strategist, is a woman with a mission: to help people rebuild a healthy relationship with food, their body and the planet.

Millions of people are not eating real food. They are eating something cleverly designed to look, smell and taste like it but often has the opposite effect of real food. There is a point in processing where the food is so far from its natural state that it no longer serves the purpose it was intended for; nourishing, energizing and protecting the body so that the species eating it can live, thrive and propagate. In fact, most processed foods actually become toxic and addictive. This type of “food” has been stripped from precious nutrients in order to extend shelf life and increase profits. This renders the food nutrient deficient and addictive thus perpetuating a cycle of malnourishment and addiction leading to obesity and triggering thousands of other diseases.

In this awesome podcast interview, Sherry Strong, the author of Return to Food, gives us loads of insight for navigating the path towards vibrant health with ease, wisdom and humor.


2:00: Meet Sherry Strong, hear about her journey to health and her mission get people back to REAL food.

5:00: Obesity is not a disease of abundance but rather a disease of scarcity.

9:30: The “lethal recipe” explained and why you want to avoid it at all costs.

11:30: Bringing sweetness into your life without sugar.

13:00: The importance of “relationship” in your health story. Eating to nourish the “whole being”.

16:00: Natures Principal

20:00: Sourcing food and eating seasonally.

25:30: Tips to source healthy, humanely raised meats.

28:00: Sherry’s top tips for improving health quickly.

About Sherry Strong:
Sherry Strong is a Food Philosopher and Nutritional Strategist. She is a Chef, Nutritionist, the Curator & Co-Founder of the World Wellness Project, former; Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food, TEDxTokyo 2009 speaker and was a highly commended faculty member of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Vancouver Campus. Her recent presentation at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association Conference in Toronto commanded a standing ovation and continued praise.

Sherry’s written & illustrated a book called ‘A Return To Food – how going back is the way forward’ which is she presents the philosophies that form the foundation for her 8 week Online Program which teaches people to develop a healthy relationship with food, their body and the environment for a ‘body & life that works’.

She is also the founder of the Jiivala Holistic Culinary Academy & Mentorship Program for Holistic Entrepreneurs which is presently transitioning to a 3-month online program culminating in a retreat with Sherry Strong on Bowen Island.

Sherry also runs public and private workshops and seminars as well as exclusive coaching and lifestyle makeovers on Bowen Island. Contact Sherry directly for rates and details for her personalized programs.

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