134: Hormones & Metabolic Health w/ Dr. Jade Teta

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The metabolism is often discussed in fitness and diet spaces as primarily an energy equation and, while energy does matter (how much energy you are consuming vs how much you are expending), there is another side of metabolic health that we aren’t talking about enough:  HORMONES.

Dr. Jade Teta has been helping women improve their metabolic function for years and his work has been especially impactful for women trying to understand the metabolic and hormonal challenges that often arise within the years between peri-menopause and post-menopause.

We cover a ton of ground in this interview, including:

  • How to better understand YOUR unique metabolism.
  • The power “rest based living” has to positively influence women’s hormones.
  • Why joy matters to your hormonal and metabolic health.
  • Respecting carbohydrates as you age.
  • Why weight training is an invaluable exercise modality, especially for women.

…and so much more!

Have a listen and share your thoughts!

Mentioned in this episode:

For FREE access to the programs Dr. Jade mentioned at the end of the podcast, please email: support@jadeteta.com

More about today’s guest:

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician, author and sought-after expert in the realm of metabolism and self-development.

He spent the last 25 years immersed in the study of strength and conditioning, hormonal metabolism and the psychology of change and success. He is the founder and creator of the international health and fitness company, Metabolic Effect, and the author of several books including the best sellers, Metabolic Effect Diet, and Metabolic Aftershock. He has also contributed both, the exercise and sports nutrition chapters, to The Textbook Of Natural Medicine.

Dr. Teta has recently started a new company, Jade Teta, LLC, that combines his medical and fitness knowledge with his expertise in self-development and mindset change.

Learn more: JadeTeta.com | MetabolicEffect.com

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