018: Hormones, Adrenals and Thyroid Issues…oh my!

By April 30, 2016Podcast

The female hormonal system is complex, to say the least and it can make a woman a hot frustrated mess (literally) when it comes to improving health. In this episode, Dr. Jen Hawes helps us to better understand some of the most common hormonal, thyroid and adrenal issues women face and how we can best protect ourselves against hormonal warfare.

Grace & Grit Podcast: Hormones

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4:15: Hormones and the endocrine system defined.

6:10: The three most common hormonal “categories” among women.

9:00: Testing hormones, adrenals and thyroid issues.

11:30: The scoop on adrenal fatigue.

14:25: The challenge of healing the adrenals glands.

16:45: Hormonal disruptions that may cause weight gain and make it really challenging to lose weight

20:15: Perimenopause and Menopause

26:00: Stress and hormonal disruption.

28:00: Basic supplementation not to be overlooked.

30:00: 80/20 Rule

31:00: Jen’s top 3 tips for caring for your hormonal system.

You can find out more about Dr. Jen Hawes at her website: www.drgreenbean.com

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