009: How a Mindfulness Practice Can Radically Alter Your Health Story

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In today’s fast and furious world, staying mindful in the present moment is no small task. And, yet, awareness is the key ingredient to making choices that consistently serve the life you said you wanted to live. Mindlessness, on the other hand, truly is the quickest and most powerful way to unravel your health.

Check out this podcast for more insight on what a mindfulness practice is and how to get started developing your own today.

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2:00: Meet Mary O’Malley

4:00: Mindfulness defined.

7:40: Dispelling myths about mindfulness.

9:30: How mindfulness is beneficial to health.

13:30: What a mindfulness practice looks like.

16:00: How Mary developed her own mindfulness practice.

22:00: How to meet challenges with passion.

24:30: How to start a mindfulness practice today.

27:00: Mary’s 3 pieces of advice for women seeking to change their health story.

Connect with Mary.


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