013: How to Supercharge Your Health Journey

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The benefits of superfoods are being sold to us at every turn. And while I am all for eating the foods that super-charge health, there are some incredibly potent character traits that have the potential to nourish us just as deeply, if not more than, the foods we are hearing so much about.

Absolutely, EAT superfoods, but don’t focus so much on what you are eating that you lose focus on how you are living (or should I say NOT living).

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3:30: The character traits that will supercharge your health

8:20: How boundaries support integrity.

10:10: How discipline can be an act of self-love.

12:30: Why consistency matters and how to build more.

13.50: How staying curiosity can help you feel good about your health journey.

18:00: Why being healthy requires a bit of selfishness.

20:00: Why you need to find your happy ASAP!

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